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Turkey Fully Funded Scholarships For Pakistani Students 2021-2022 | Online Apply

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international space station viewing across moon

  Astronomer lensman Saint Andrew McCarthy captures the International area Station's (ISS) moment before of the moon .   Both the moon and therefore the International space laboratory are caught within the hot sun McCarthy shared a video of the space station on his Instagram handle @Cosmic_Background. Describing the shot, McCarthy captioned the video, "It was a transit taken from my backyard this morning, and it's a hard shot to capture after the moon was practically hidden against the sun's glare Was. " The video shows a small space station brush at the speed of the moon, which looks almost like an X-Wing fighter from the movie Star Wars. And if you think you can barely see the space station, this video was really cut short. McCarthy further explained, "The passage against the bright side of the moon lasted only a few hundredths of a second, as shown in a video here that has been reduced by about 6x." This video was originally slowed down six time